Join the XtremeJS online coming conference this December 23, 2021.

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Call for Papers

We are excited to welcome the JavaScript community to submit talks for XtremeJS 2021 that will take place on December 23th. The deadline for submitting a proposal is November 22th.

We are looking for talks that are interesting to as many JavaScript (intermediate to advanced) developers as possible. We are especially looking for talks in the following domains:

+ The Future of JavaScript

+ Front End Architectures, such as the Micro Frontend Architecture

+ Interesting Web Browser JavaScript APIs (AKA ‘HTML5 APIs’)

+ JavaScript’s Software Development Tools, DevOps, etc.

+ Topics Related to Big Data, and Data Science

+ Innovative JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks (e.g. Innovative IOT Libraries or Hybrid Applications)

+ Fascinating code projects in JavaScript

We are not looking for talks that delve into a specific JavaScript library or framework we already know, such as Vue.js, Angular or React. For those topics there are other more suitable conferences. We are not looking for talks about Node.js (or Deno). For those topics, there are other more suitable conferences. 

If you happen to know a person that can give an interesting talk please let us know. You can submit your proposal at It is possible to have a talk delivered by more than one speaker. When this is the case please provide more information in your offer.

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Selected Speakers from All Over The World

Top Speakers

We aim at having talks that cover some of the more exciting, cutting-edge and interesting topics. 

Virtual Bag of Giveaways

Digital Swags

Every participant will receive a virtual pack of valuable coupons, graphics and small gifts. 

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Socialise with other Participants & Speakers

Facebook Group

We chose to set up a private group on Facebook for all participants and speakers. Great way to interact before, during and after the event. 

Watch the Lectures When You Want

Video Capturing

The sessions will be captured on video and will be available to all participants.

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Do You Want to Boost your Software Development Skills?

Join the XtremeJs coming conference and leverage your programming skills in JavaScript.

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