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Small Sessions

Our conference includes small sessions of 30min each, delivered by speakers from all over the world. In order to ease the participation from all over the world we chose to start the conference at 11:30 (GMT). 




11:30 GMT

Phil Nash Phil Nash

The Top 5 JavaScript Issues in all Our Codebases
We all try to write the best code we can, but sometimes things slip through the cracks. With a look at the data from scans of thousands of projects, we can tell what the most common issues are in the codebases of all JavaScript developers.

12:00 GMT

Dmitrii Dmitrii Ivashchenko

A Deep Dive into ECMAScript 2023 Features
Explore the new frontiers of JavaScript with the latest version, ECMAScript 2023. In this updated standard, we will delve into the additions and improvements, including features like “Array find from last,” “Hashbang Grammar,” “Symbols as WeakMap keys,” and “Change Array by Copy.” This presentation offers a complete walk-through of ECMAScript 2023, providing an opportunity to fully comprehend and experiment with the newly introduced capabilities in a detailed and comprehensive manner.

12:30 GMT

Karan Kiri Karan Kiri

How to Improve Your Web Application’s Security using Mozilla Observatory
We have used Mozila Observatory to improve our security rating from F to B+, (https://observatory.mozilla.org/analyze/live.copilot.fabric.inc). This talk will be about how one can leverage the tool to enhance the security posture of their web applications. In this talk, we will explore how to enhance web application security using the Mozilla Observatory. We will cover essential security measures such as Content Security Policy, Cookies, Cross-origin Resource Sharing, HTTP Public Key Pinning, HTTP Strict Transport Security, Redirection, Referrer Policy, Subresource Integrity, X-Content-Type-Options, X-Frame-Options, and X-XSS-Protection, providing practical insights and guidance on their implementation. 

13:00 GMT


XtremeJS Kahoot Competition
We are going to have a small Kahoot-based competition. The competition will take place online and it will include quiz questions. The points are given in each quiz question in accordance with the correctness of the answer and the speed of answer. 

13:20 GMT


XtremeJS Hackathon
We will introduce the XtremeJ championship, which includes a questionnaire with various programming questions about JavaScript. The winner is the first person to answer all questions correctly. The winner will be announced at the end of the conference. 

13:25 GMT

Lunch Break

Lunch Break

14:00 GMT

Joshua Arvin Lat Joshua Arvin Lat

Beyond the Basics: Securing JavaScript Applications
JavaScript powers dynamic and interactive applications that millions of users use everyday. In this talk, we will highlight the vulnerabilities and well-known risks when dealing with various types of JavaScript applications. We’ll also discuss relevant risks and issues concerning insecure third-party dependencies and vulnerabilities in Node.js modules as well. In addition to this, we’ll discuss several techniques and solutions when handling authentication, authorization, and session management for Single Page Applications (SPAs). We’ll discuss the best practices and strategies concerning Content Security Policies (CSP), secure coding patterns, and dive deep into various security tools to enhance and manage the security of JavaScript applications.

14:30 GMT

Chris Ng Chris Ng

Road to Zero Lint Failures: Tackling Code Quality Challenges at Scale
Lint rules enable us to uphold code quality and minimize errors. It can positively impact developer productivity and happiness, especially when working on a massive application with multiple teams working together. But what if your large-scale application contains thousands of lint failures over the many years it has been running in production? This talk will explore actionable strategies for effectively addressing lint failures at scale so that we can again rely on lint rules to ensure consistent code quality and streamline development processes, leading to a more robust and maintainable codebase.

15:00 GMT

Damodaran S Damodaran S

Progressive HTML Rendering 101
Learn about the lost art of progressive HTML Rendering. This talk would illustrate why we need the progressive HTML rendering, what are the problems that HTML rendering solves, and it will include a small example for in-order and out-of-order flushing. 


15:30 GMT

Shivay Lamab Shivay Lamab

Beyond the browser: Moving forward with a more Declarative Future with WebAssembly
Since its announcement in 2015 and the MVP release in 2017, WebAssembly as a standard has come a very long way. Originally conceptualised to solve the plethora of problems associated with bringing more languages like C++ to the frontend, the WebAssembly movement has gained momentum and how! With applications that go beyond the browser, the Component Model is the direction that the Wasm ecosystem is moving in. What does this mean for us mortals? A more declarative approach while building software, better reusability & portability of the software thus developed, and of course, the ability to bring more languages to the web. In this talk, the speaker will delve into the WebAssembly framework & the component model proposal for by discussing the motivations for their existence. With the help of analogies, the speaker will guide the audience through the various nuts and bolts of the proposal in detail. At the end of the session, the speaker aims to arm the audience with a working knowledge of the component model and resources to pursue further research and get involved in the Wasm community, should they wish to..

16:00 GMT


XtremeJS Championship
Our small hackathon includes a question in which you need to write a small program. The winner is the first who completes the development of the small program in accordance with the question. The winner will be announced at the end of the conference. 

16:05 GMT

Small Break

Small Break

16:30 GMT

Nikola Mitrovic Nikola Mitrovic

Secret Shortcuts of Loading Web Performance
When optimizing loading performance of web apps, everything is easy when we Google a little bit and apply standard optimization techniques like minimizing & compressing files, using tree-shaking, inlining critical CSS, using next-gen image formats, apply caching headers, use server-side rendering etc… But what if, that is not enough and we need to go above & beyond that. That’s where we need to take secret shortcuts, so we can boost the loading time of our app to the speed of light 🚀🚀🚀 This talk has the answer to the question what are secret shortcuts of Loading Web Performance, with a lot of real-life examples in React.

17:00 GMT

Steven Schkolne Steven Schkolne

Why don’t the browser’s Dev Tools understand Your Code?
Why do web dev tools know so little about our codebase? DOM inspection is great, but there is much to be gained by also showing us how our code works to produce what the user experiences on the screen. I’ve been working on a product, MightyMeld, that connects the living DOM to the codebase, and the possibilities are enormous. In this talk, I’ll explain why it’s been historically difficult to bridge this gap on the web (despite much prior art for desktop, mobile, and game development). The prevalence of component-based architectures like React is now making such dev tool experiences possible. Bridging the gap between DOM and code unlocks, not only the tightest-loop integration of generative AI possible, but also frees up developers to think about UI on a higher level while building features.

17:30 GMT

guilherme profile picture Guilherme Dalla

Building a Scalable Multi-Tenant Frontend Architecture for a B2B E-Commerce Platform.
Learn how to build a scalable multi-tenant frontend architecture using React and Next.js. We’ll share our experience of building an e-commerce platform from scratch and discuss the key points around authentication, security, governance and compliance. You’ll also discover the benefits and drawbacks of multi-tenancy, giving you a comprehensive view of this architecture and how to serve multiple customers on the same infrastructure while managing complexity and maintaining security..

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