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Call for Speakers

We are excited to welcome the JavaScript community to submit talks for XtremeJS 2023 that will take place on November 21st. You can find the CFP form at https://forms.gle/iY7EgXTsQppuVhnM7. The deadline for submitting a proposal is October 10th, 2023.


We are looking for talks that are interesting for as many JavaScript (intermediate to advanced) developers as possible.   


We are especially looking for talks in the following domains: 
+ The Future of JavaScript 
+ Front End Architectures, such as the Micro Frontend Architecture 
+ Interesting Web Browser JavaScript APIs (AKA ‘HTML5 APIs’) 
+ JavaScript’s Software Development Tools, DevOps, etc. 
+ Topics Related to Big Data, and Data Science 
+ Innovative JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks (e.g. Innovative IOT Libraries or Hybrid Applications) 
+ Fascinating code projects in JavaScript  


We are not looking for talks that delve into a specific JavaScript library or framework we already know, such as Vue.js, Angular or React. For those topics there are other more suitable conferences. Covering new coming unique frameworks is more than welcomed. 

We are not looking for talks about Node.js (or Deno). For those topics there are other more suitable conferences.  

Our Speakers

The decision which proposal to pick is never easy. During the coming months we will start adding our picks out of the many proposals we get. The CFP ends on September 30th. We plan to select up to eight proposals during the weeks till October 10th. When the CFP ends we will select the rest. 

Nikola Mitrovic
Nikola Mitrovic
Experienced JavaScript Software Engineer with 7 years in the industry. More skilled in Front-end Development, with high level of experience in working with Micro Front-end architecture, designing projects as a set of standalone components that include their own interfaces, logic, and storage, developing mini-applications independently, and composing them all together in the browser with different integration techniques. Passionate about web performance and ensuring the best possible User Experience of web applications.
Damodaran S
Damodaran S
Damodaran is a software development engineer who works on the presentation engineering of eBay, carefully crafting buyer and seller focussed experiences. Damodaran has predominantly worked on building experiences via Marko JS (eBay open-sourced & an open JS foundation project) that pioneered approaches in streaming, and progressive rendering for perceived fast experiences. At eBay he is known for building eBays header platforms & the cross functional and horizontal Widget platform (that delivers widgets across eBay’s pages that are on different rendering engines-view frameworks) that collectively serve over a billion impressions in traffic.
Karan Kiri
Karan Kiri

Karan is a Software Developer from India with more than 6 years of experience in the industry. He is currently working in the Platform team at fabric.inc, a US-based e-commerce startup. Expert in building web experiences using React, Typescript, Micro Frontend, Design System, and CI/CD. Apart from coding he likes to watch Cricket and sitcoms. You can follow him on Twitter @karan_kiri and the web at karankiri.com. 

Chris Ng
Chris Ng
Chris Ng is a Senior Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn based in New York City working on the media experiences you encounter on LinkedIn.com. He is a member of the Ember Learning Core Team and writes and edits for the Ember Times and the LinkedIn Engineering Blog. Chris leads the linting strategy for LinkedIn’s flagship web application and brings together different teams and personalities to achieve shared goals related to web infrastructure, product strategy, and resolving long-standing issues.
Anisha Swait
Anisha Swain
Anisha Swain is a software developer from India. She has more than four years of experience in the tech industry with a focus on web development and User Interface design. She is a podcast host where she talks to wonderful women in tech and shares her inspiring tech journey. Anisha loves blogging and sharing her story with the world. Outside tech, she likes traveling, sharing travel stories, and creating digital illustrations, photography, and sketching.
Phil Nash
Phil Nash

Phil is a developer advocate for Sonar and Google Developer Expert living in Melbourne, Australia. He loves working with Ruby or JavaScript to build web applications and tools to help developers. He once helped build a website that captured the world’s favorite sandwich fillings. He has too many GitHub repositories. Away from the keyboard, Phil listens to ska punk, hangs out with his miniature dachshund (also called Ruby), and is on a mission to discover the world’s best beers. Phil tweets at @philnash, and you can find him elsewhere online at https://philna.sh

Dmitrii Ivashenko
Software engineer with over ten years of experience specializing in mobile game and backend system development. Progressed from junior full-stack developer to Lead Software Engineer at MY.GAMES, serving over 1 billion users globally. Expertly guiding game developers and backend engineers to craft profitable and engaging games. A member of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) and Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) and an author of articles on Medium and HackerNoon.
Joshua Arvin Lat
Joshua Arvin Lat

Joshua Arvin Lat is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of NuWorks Interactive Labs, Inc. He previously served as the CTO of 3 Australian-owned companies and also served as the Director for Software Development and Engineering for multiple e-commerce startups in the past. Years ago, he and his team won 1st place in a global cybersecurity competition with their published research paper. He is also an AWS Machine Learning Hero and has been sharing his knowledge at several international conferences to discuss practical strategies on machine learning, engineering, security, and management. He is also the author of the books “Machine Learning with Amazon SageMaker Cookbook”, “Machine Learning Engineering on AWS,” and “Building and Automating Penetration Testing Labs in the Cloud”.

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